Welcome to the true you!

Are you looking for a down to earth ánd spiritual coach that can help you to find inner peace and inspiration?
It is very normal and healthy to have beliefs and emotions. So harmony is not about loosing beliefs or deleting emotions but about knowing what they are, where they came from and how to transfrom them into strength. Usually they are a signal for you there is something in your inner world that needs attention.

What I can do for you

I help men and women to transform limiting beliefs and release blocked emotions that are holding them back; so they can lose their fear to take action, (re) connect to their inner power, discover their true talents and create the life they really want.

The True You

You can be anyone you want to be at every ‘given moment!
In order to experience the true person that you are, you do not have to start digging to find it some where deep inside. It is actually the opposite: you can simpy release every thing that you are NOT.
We have filled ourselves with images of the personality we are expected to be. We have adopted beliefs, like ‘you must be nice at all times’, ‘you can not argue’, ‘a girl has to be caring and a boy may not cry’, etc. And every time you do not seem to live up to those expectations you start to judge yourself, like ‘I am not good enough’, or ‘I am stupid’.

On the one hand, beliefs have always helped you to fit in and follow the rules, especially when you were young, but on the other hand a lot of beliefs prevent you from being your unique self.

Limiting Beliefs versus Self Confidence

You are probably familiar with the negative thoughts that criticize you all day. Just think about that little voice in your head constantly nagging and judging you, or commanding you what to do. Here are some examples:
‘You should not have said that, you idiot!’
‘Now you have ruined it, again.’
‘Don’t do that, you’ll look stupid.’
‘You are not good enough to manage that.’

We all have created limiting beliefs from early childhood onwards. The earliest ones are called core beliefs. A core belief is a thought that you have repeated so many times that they have become automatic and unconsious; to such an extent that you hardly even notice you are thinking them multiple times a day. They are determining your choices and actions. When you secretly believe you are not smart enough to handle it or not good enough to start this new project, you will be too afraid to do it, or you will find plenty excuses to avoid making that decision. That kind of thinking brings you in a state of fear, which blocks your creativity and inspiration.
Knowing that, you can imagen it is worth becoming aware of the thoughts that are in the back of your head.

E Book ‘The Self confidence Express’

What if you could turn those limiting beliefs around into positive and encouraging thoughts that support you! If the voice in your head would tell you, that you are doing great, that you are a good person and that you are good enough, and some one to be proud of, would you not feel so much more powerfull and confident?


If this appeals to you, download my free exercise on how to find your core limiting beliefs.
Or get my E Book with 3 hands on but profound exercises and 12 inspiring art pictures to free yourself from negative beliefs, transform them and become unstoppable,.

Free of fear, stress or anxiety

Do you want to experience your life without worrying about faillure or rejection? All you have to do is embrace your fear. Once you are aware of the fact that you are having an emotion of fear it loses its power over you; because you are observing it in stead of sinking into it. There is nothing wrong with being afraid, not at all! It is normal and even healthy. By simply recognizing having an emotion of fear, you can allow it to be present and therefore it dissolves, so it will not cloud your judgement and control you.